Yianneis No2


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Yianneis No2 was mastered in 44_16.
For best sound, download in "wav" quality.

The whole album is a conceptual piece of work and we would like you to listen to it as one piece.


released February 2, 2018

artwork by Iris Bouri

music by Yianneis
lyrics by Voukefalas

rec-mix by Dimitris Dimitriadis at Zero Gravity studios
sound engineer Kostas Daskalakis
mastering by Yiannis Christodoulatos at Sweetspot studios

Labros Filippou - vox
Nikos Zades - keys, samples, vox
Dimitris Petrakis - flute, vox
Nikitas Kissonas - guitars, vox
Ilya Algaer - double bass, vox
Aris Kallergis - drums, vox

Thank you all for the Inspiration, the Support and the Love.


all rights reserved



YIANNEIS Athens, Greece

Yianneis were born in riotous Athens, GR, in 2009.

They combine the precision of a classical orchestra with the creative chaos of any original punk band.

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Track Name: 11
(a true story)

Not enough lies for Natalie and Harry?
Let's make a game, to help them concentrate. 
Let's make it even easier, they have to understand. 
The requiem of rubbish, is scheduled every morning. 
11 o'clock is a magic hour. The lorry is coming, the party is on. 
We have no drinks, but lots of food. - I 'll try not to bite your hand today. -
"The cruelty of freedom", has made them look like this. 
It's not their fault. It should be ours. It's always ours.
Have Natalie and Harry had enough? 

Poor Natalie and Harry, you'll never find the way.
So long.-
Have Natalie and Harry had enough?
They don't really seem to understand. Make them.-

Track Name: All my children
All my children

All my children have grown up in the fields behind my house.

All my dreams have fallen down in the fields behind my house.

All my hopes have gone, drowned into the principles of “non living”.

All my tissues have gone red from the blood coming out of my mouth.

All my issues -
All my ropes -

All my children have gone dead.
And now they’re dead.-

Track Name: When I was a boy
When I was a boy

"When I was a boy , I fell into a jar of marmalade, my soul got so sensitive I couldn't even breathe and my nose went on bleeding and bleeding. Sometimes, I looked up to stop my bleeding nose - oh, so sensitive! The blood was coming back into my throat, so I learned to love my blood's taste. Today, I feel like a cannibal, I feel like a total vampire, I feel like drinking some of my blood, I feel like eating some of my flesh. I am almost sure I will enjoy my meal ..more than ever".

Butterflies in my mouth are calling me to shout. 
I won't shout again. I won't shout my needs. I won't shout my wills. I won't yell. I won't scream for my needs. I'll only whisper.
That's what we do. We, people. The human kind.
I won't shout. Oh, yes, I Will shout. I'll fight for my needs. I'll fight for me. I will fight for freedom.
I want to eat my flesh!
I want to eat me!
I'm eating me!
I am throwing up my self. Broouaagh.
I want my flesh back.
 I throw up myself. Broouaagh.

Thank you.
Thank you very much. 
Thank you. 
Thank you very much. Thank you for everything. 
Thank you. 
I'm big. 
Thank you very much. 
I'm the best. 
Thank you. 
Thank you for everything..-

Track Name: The Sacrifice of Isaac
The Sacrifice of Isaac

You are a man now.
You rule your own fate.
There are no borders. Or at least, we make them.

Come on my son. Come with me. Come closer.
Let me show you the way. It’s the way we used to pray.

We will go up the hill.
We will see the light.

It’s not the way we used to see.
It is my way to reach the sea.

It is salvation through a blood ship.
Access to nowhere, but my mind.

I make a vow up to the hill.
I kill my son up to the hill.

I make o vow up on the hill.
I kill my son. I kill my son.

There is no angel to hold my hand.
I kill my son. I kill my son.

There is no angel to hold my hand.
And this is The Sacrifice of Isaac.

I see the light.
I see the light.

My name is Cain.
 So, you must be Abel.-


(inspired from  José Saramago’s  “Cain” )
Track Name: Formal

Dear sir or madam,
Oh, please accept this letter.
I have received your invitation.
You've always been so kind to me.

By the way, I feel so
totally insulted.

And who do you think you are?
What did you have in mind,
When you invaded my home,
my precious house?

You let me pray alone
For your untrusted Gods
My vows are rotten
I can't trust myself now.

- Every time, every single time you ha..
- Shhh!
- You came into my house, you came into my precious, my..
- Shhh!
- You disrespected me! You disrespected my family and every..
- Shhh!
- We wanted you to be one of us, one of us, to respect us, to show..
- Shhh!

“And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee” (Ezekiel 25:17).

Let me present myself.
Let me show you my wooden leg.
Let me touch you with my golden hand.
Let me grieve upon my broken flesh.
Let me grieve for myself.

Track Name: What is this my Love?
What is this my Love?

What is this my love?

your words?

or maybe my disaster?

Is this light my love?

Is this light I see you holding? or darkness? and light again?

Or have you turned into a lighthouse?

Please, stop turning.-

What is this my love?

Is this flowers that you're holding?

or maybe your new game of thorns?

and what a smell, what a sweet smell.

like a woman in a coffin.

Is this blood my love?

Is this blood I see you bleeding?

Is this birth I see you giving?

Is this pain I hear you screaming?

Is this?-

What is this my mind?

Is it my birth?

Is it my death?

Is it me?

Is this death I hear you singing?

Is that me in the coffin again?

How many times have I died for you?

Don't you ever dare to release me.

Track Name: Trapped

Rescue me with love,
Till somebody will set me free.

Rescue me with love,
Till somebody will set me free.

Rescue me with love,
Till my body will set me free.

Rescue me with my love,
Till my body will set me free.

Track Name: Waiting for Godot
Waiting for Godot

I am waiting for my painful life to leave me alone.
I am waiting for my wisdom to untie my tongue.
Oh please wisdom, let me speak. Oh please wisdom, make me speak.
I am waiting for this bandage to heal the huge wound inside my mouth.
I am waiting for three birds to sing the sweet song of my liberty.
I am waiting for Godot to come.
I am waiting for Godot to come.
I am waiting for the waiter to clean my ashtray. - I think I’ve smoked too much again. -
I am waiting for the head to be in the right place, when the right time comes and big decisions will be taken. These decisions are responsible for the rest of our lives.
I am waiting for
I am waiting for
I am waiting for
I am waiting for

Track Name: Anthem

No flags for me
No symbols for my boys
No ethics for my ethic
Immoral once and for life

I want to kill my brother
He wants to kill me, too.
I want to kill my brother
He wants to kill me, too.

No Beatles for my relatives
No sibling for my siblings
Deaf I was born
Mute I become.

I want to kill my brother
He wants to kill me, too.
I want to kill you brother
You want to kill me, too.
I want to kill you brother.
I want to kill you brother.

I’m always curious..
What am I supposed to be, standing alive here,
in and about my existence of old bricks, old blood, old hair, no hair, *nobody loves me*, no invisibility, *No country for old men*,
*no, no, no you don’t love me and I know..*
No. I’m not.
No. I’m not.

Thank you all for coming again,
And have a great night!