What is this my Love?

from by YIANNEIS



What is this my Love?

What is this my love?

your words?

or maybe my disaster?

Is this light my love?

Is this light I see you holding? or darkness? and light again?

Or have you turned into a lighthouse?

Please, stop turning.-

What is this my love?

Is this flowers that you're holding?

or maybe your new game of thorns?

and what a smell, what a sweet smell.

like a woman in a coffin.

Is this blood my love?

Is this blood I see you bleeding?

Is this birth I see you giving?

Is this pain I hear you screaming?

Is this?-

What is this my mind?

Is it my birth?

Is it my death?

Is it me?

Is this death I hear you singing?

Is that me in the coffin again?

How many times have I died for you?

Don't you ever dare to release me.



from Yianneis No2, released February 2, 2018


all rights reserved



YIANNEIS Athens, Greece

Yianneis were born in riotous Athens, GR, in 2009.

They combine the precision of a classical orchestra with the creative chaos of any original punk band.

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