When I was a boy

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When I was a boy

"When I was a boy , I fell into a jar of marmalade, my soul got so sensitive I couldn't even breathe and my nose went on bleeding and bleeding. Sometimes, I looked up to stop my bleeding nose - oh, so sensitive! The blood was coming back into my throat, so I learned to love my blood's taste. Today, I feel like a cannibal, I feel like a total vampire, I feel like drinking some of my blood, I feel like eating some of my flesh. I am almost sure I will enjoy my meal ..more than ever".

Butterflies in my mouth are calling me to shout. 
I won't shout again. I won't shout my needs. I won't shout my wills. I won't yell. I won't scream for my needs. I'll only whisper.
That's what we do. We, people. The human kind.
I won't shout. Oh, yes, I Will shout. I'll fight for my needs. I'll fight for me. I will fight for freedom.
I want to eat my flesh!
I want to eat me!
I'm eating me!
I am throwing up my self. Broouaagh.
I want my flesh back.
 I throw up myself. Broouaagh.

Thank you.
Thank you very much. 
Thank you. 
Thank you very much. Thank you for everything. 
Thank you. 
I'm big. 
Thank you very much. 
I'm the best. 
Thank you. 
Thank you for everything..-



from Yianneis No2, released February 2, 2018


all rights reserved



YIANNEIS Athens, Greece

Yianneis were born in riotous Athens, GR, in 2009.

They combine the precision of a classical orchestra with the creative chaos of any original punk band.

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